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Frequently Asked Questions about Jesse Luggage 

Question:  Why buy Jesse bags?

Jesse Luggage is made from 2mm thick aluminum, hand welded and assembled with stainless steel parts. Our lids are hinged on to the boxes, and provide extra packing space or even a flat place to put your camp stove when setting up camp. We make virtually every part on the bags - especially for these bags and to our specifications. Our luggage has a capacity of 108 liters (for the R11xxGS) yet maintains a narrow profile when mounted on the bike – only 33” wide mounted on the R11xxGS. Our unique angled boxes and interior mig welding provide for improved strength.
Question:  Strength?

Ah, answer...

Question:  Mount Strength?

Ah, answer #2


Question: Why are welded corners better?

Mig welding on the inside of the boxes increases the corner thickness to 3 times original, which helps to increase overall strength of the boxes.

Question: How much do the Odyssey bags hold?

The larger boxes, built for the 1150GS, hold 108 liters, 3.81 cubic feet, or 28.53 gallons for the pair.
The smaller boxes, built for the 650GS or 100GS hold 96 liters, 3.39 cubic feet, or 25.36 gallons for the pair.

Question: What are the dimensions of the Odyssey boxes?

The 108 liter boxes are 10”(25.4cm) wide, 20”(50.7cm) long and 17 _ “(44.5cm) tall. The 96 liter boxes are 8”(25.4cm) wide, 20”(50.7cm) long and 17 _ “(44.5cm) tall. These are outside measurements and do not take into account the angled corners.

Question: Why do you have those angled corners?

Angled corners help to increase the overall strength of the boxes. Imagine the difference of you trying to push in the corner of a cardboard box versus the side. You know you can indent the side of the box with much less force than the corner. The same holds true for aluminum. Our boxes have been crash tested by many customers, who consistently tell us how surprised they are that the boxes survived with so little damage.

Another reason for those angles is to provide clearance while riding. The side angles provide for cornering clearance, and the front angles enable you to paddle in deep sand without worry of catching a heel.

Question: Can I fit a helmet in the side boxes?

No, you cannot fit a helmet in these boxes. If you desire to lock a helmet inside a box, consider one of our top boxes. All sizes of top box will hold at least one full-face helmet.

Question: What is powdercoating?

Powder coat is the paint finish we provide with our boxes. It comes in powder form, is electro-statically sprayed onto the bags and then baked on at 400 degrees. It provides for a durable finish for your boxes.

Question: What about security?

The Odyssey bags use a new locking mechanism that is a keyed lock integrated into each handle/latch. That means your boxes will have two locks per box. And one key locks everything!

Question: How do the bags mount to the bike?

We use our own mounting system. If you already have BMW bags on your bike, you will have to remove the BMW mounting system and replace it with ours. Generally for first-timers it will take 1-2 hours to put the mounts on.

Question: Can I mount the large top box on my R80GS?

Our large top box is recommended for use on the R1100 and R1150GS and for solo traveling only.

Question: Do you make luggage for anything other than the BMW GS bikes?

As a matter of fact, we do! Our luggage will fit on the BMW Roadster series (R850R, R11xxR), the BMW K bike series from 1986 to 1992 as well as all K75’s. We also fit boxes to the Kawasaki KLR650, the Suzuki V-strom DL1000, and the Cagiva Explorer/Ducati 900. As time allows, we will continue to expand our list of motorcycles that will work with our bags.

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